Special transfers are no longer available. The new Emergency Hardship policy is much more specific. Families must provide documentation that meets the guidelines stated on the form to receive an Emergency Hardship transfer. This form must be signed by principals at both the zoned and requested school. To read the full MNPS Student Assignment Policy visit the MNPS Policy Procedures Website. Then select Student Assignment Options. 


A student who has been appropriately enrolled in a school and who moves to another zone during a semester may request a continuity transfer to complete through the highest grade in that school. Satisfactory written documentation of the new residence and the date of the move are required.

At the beginning of each school year a student whose family will relocate to another school zone within the first semester may request to begin the school year in the new school. Satisfactory written documentation of the new residence and the date of the move are required. It shall be the responsibility of the receiving principal to verify completion of the move.

Please note that there are no longer Continuity Transfer forms. The family should provide proof of residence to the school. The school will provide a “Student Information Form” and collect the documents to update the new address. Also, there is no continuity in general between schools from tier level to tier level (elementary to middle or middle to high).


If your transfer request is denied, you have the right to appeal that decision. To appeal a transfer decision, please write a letter to Mr. Chris Weber. Mr. Weber is the Director of Student Assignment Services and is the designee for student assignment appeals. Your letter to Mr. Weber should explain your situation and the reasons for your request that the decision be overturned. Please address your letter to Mr. Weber, c/o Student Assignment Services, 2601 Bransford Avenue, Nashville, TN 37204. You may send the letter by mail (we recommend requesting a receipt confirmation from the U.S. Postal Service) or bring it in person to the Family Information Center at the same address.
Please write your appeal within ten (10) days of receiving the denial letter, and allow at least one week for a response.